AP-ID Software Takes Center Stage
Aug 2, 2006
Source: Washington, D.C.

U.S. Senate Finance Committee hearing highlights security technology solutions to Illegal Immigration.

AP-ID, LLC, a subsidiary of API Services, a leading North American investigative and security consulting firm for gaming, government and financial sectors was proud to showcase its solution to problems surrounding illegal immigration to the United States Senate Finance Committee. The presentation was part of testimony to the committee during its hearing, "Border Insecurity, Take Two: Fake IDs Foil the First Line of Defense," held at 10am today in the Dirksen Senate Office Building. The hearing featured testimony from a number of groups that demonstrated security technology in use by the private sector.

AP-ID's solution called "ePAC" - Electronic Patriot Act Compliance, is a document authentication and compliance system. ePAC incorporates a document scanning and authentication process and utilizes watch-list screening technology. The solution allows casinos, financial institutions and government agencies to both verify the authenticity of identification provided by customers and perform real-time name look-ups to match them against government-mandated suspect lists before completing a financial transaction. The ePAC system is designed to provide improved security, while combating money laundering, and other criminal activities.
AP-ID, LLC clearly stands out as a homeland security leader with its ePAC solution. During independent US Government Accountability Office (GAO) tests, ePAC was the only technological identification verification system to provide 100% authentication. It exposed all of the counterfeit documents tested.

Dennis Nelson, President and CEO of AP-ID, LLC said, "Following the events of September 11, we concentrated on building a total solution for identifying counterfeit IDs and addressing identity theft issues. The ePAC solution will provide great value safeguarding our country's borders from illegal aliens, criminals, terrorists and anyone else bent on harming our nation."
AP-ID, LLC has been proud to work with its technology partners AssureTec Systems and Innovative Systems. AssureTec, a premier provider in combating identity theft, is the manufacturer of the document authentication hardware and software while Innovative, an international source of enterprise regulatory compliance solutions, has developed the watch list software.
AssureTec's AssureID(TM) system helps fight identity fraud on an international scale. Using multiple light sources, AssureTec's powerful system examines presented documents for the unique security features embedded in hundreds of government-issued documents, including drivers' licenses, visas and passports. Completely automated, authentication is completed in less than 5 seconds per document.

Innovative Systems' iLytics SECURE is a proven, turnkey solution that enables organizations to fully comply with international government screening, identity verification and reporting regulations. Using advanced matching technology, iLytics SECURE can quickly and accurately screen customer lists, databases and transactions against U.S. and international suspect and fugitive lists in both real-time and batch modes.

About AP-ID

AP-ID, LLC is a subsidiary of API Services based in Green Bay, WI. AP-ID specializes in security systems software for the gaming industry, financial sector, government and law enforcement. Its ePAC solution was initially developed as a Patriot Act compliance system to track monetary transactions. Federal Law requires financial institutions, including casinos, to monitor transactions and report suspicious activity. This is done to eliminate money laundering and any terrorist-related financing. AP-ID's parent company founded in 1975 - API Services - is a leading North American investigative and security consulting firm specializing in regulatory and facility development, business due diligence, security and protection services, systems and design, internal controls, and start-up consulting to the gaming industry, financial sector, government and law enforcement. The company also has significant expertise in acquisition due diligence to assist clients in opportunity evaluations. API's website is http://www.allpointsintel.com.

About AssureTec

AssureTec develops innovative technologies which enable a broadening array of critical ID risk- based security applications. Built upon AssureTec's patented worldwide documetrics knowledgebase, AssureIDTM can assess the authenticity of virtually any ID document in circulation, with or without machine-readable content such as magnetic strips, bar codes or smart chips, allowing deployment of automated risk-based identity management solutions immediately without first requiring new enrollment. Since the system assesses the authenticity of a document without operator intervention, typically in less than five seconds, it can be used by operators with little-to-no document forensic training, significantly reducing training and operating costs and customer inconvenience. The company is based in Manchester, N.H. For more information, visit: www.assuretec.com.

About Innovative

Since 1968, enterprise-class companies worldwide have relied on Innovative's solutions to improve the quality of information, application migrations, customer centric databases and customer data quality audits. Innovative's compliance solutions employ the company's powerful industrial strength data cleansing, matching, and suspect screening capabilities to provide the highest levels of accuracy while at the same time setting new standards for worker productivity improvement. Financial service firms in banking, insurance, mortgage, student loans, money services, credit cards, automotive finance, and healthcare confidently rely on Innovative's compliance solutions to meet complex regulatory screening requirements. Innovative maintains headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with European operations based in London. Representative offices are located in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Spain. The Innovative Web site may be found at www.innovativesystems.com.